Facebook on War is a Crime Against Humanity

SSG Matthew Sitton's final words in a letter to his Congressman that everyone should read on #VeteransDayFile Excerpt from Ep02: http://bit.ly/1i68kv7

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Immediate aftermath of today's Putin-Assad attack on Idlib Courthouse in Syria. If you've never seen the absolute chaos...

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GOING VIRAL! U.S Marine turned Activist Tells Truth about Paris Attack! ...

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Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi discussing the realities of ISIS

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“I’m sorry” Former U.S. Drone Operator tells In the NOW what he would say to his victims’ families#VeteransDay

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Everyone knows the symbol of the poppy comes from John McCrae's famous poem "In Flanders Fields". But did you know the...

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American soldiers say their war medals don`t mean anything no more, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. American soldiers say, we fought on lies for the corporate world and not fought for freedom,

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Israeli Illegal Settlements - What You Need to Know in 60 secondsYou may have heard all about the Israeli illegal...

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يرجى النشر و المشاركةمحارب سابق في البحرية الأمريكية ينطق بالحقيقة بخصوص سوريا و المنطقة. مهم جداً

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In recent days, since the tragic targeting of an Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in...

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Who pays and who profits when the U.S. goes to war? Soldiers speak out about the predicament of military contracting. A short doc from Brave New Films.

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when people are not informed people will be deformed..Malcolm Omowale..Our Godfathers.By Waseem AltafHaj and Umrah are...

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Little reality check for our Republican friends.Thanks to Roy Mark Ramdas.

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On Anti-Media radio tonight we interviewed Mnar A. Muhawesh of Mint Press News about the REAL reason the West is...

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Congress is threatening to shut down the Government -this time in protest of Planned Parenthood. If Congress really...

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What do you reckon?

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CODEPINK: Women For Peace director and national organizer Alli McCracken talks creative activism in her work, from hula-hooping for peace to lobbying in the halls of Congress.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Remember when this video was BANNED by Congress?Robert Greenwald, the director of IRAQ FOR SALE,...

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Man Breaks The Internet With Viral Immigration Rant

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Dick Cheney belongs in PRISON, NOT on TV. Share if you agree!LIKE our page Brave New Films#WrongThenWrongNow

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Robert Reich explains why we can't afford a war with Iran.

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Make sure you share this if you don't want a war with Iran!Then become a fan of Americans Against The Republican Party!

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Thank you, President Carter, for your lifelong commitment to peace. You most likely have saved millions of lives....

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Army Has Plans For Real, Live Killer Robot SwarmsLeading scientists are trying to prevent us all from being killer...

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You'll never guess how many of your tax dollars the US gives to Israel. Here's the Real Deal on US Aid to Israel.

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Speaking out of pine

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"One day we just woke up and found ourselves living between the rubble."One year after the 2014 Gaza war, little in the way of reconstruction has yet to begin.Follow our coverage:http://bit.ly/1JOltF2

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How is this Iraqi comedian fighting fear with funny?

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