Puerto Rico: Colonial Bondage & Resistance

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Puerto Rico: Colonial Bondage & Resistance - Empire Files - Published on Jun 28, 2016
Puerto Rico’s massive debt has been discussed at length in Congress and the media, all omitting the most important fact: the history of being a colonial subject for over 500 years, still owned and controlled by the United States.
Abby Martin talks to two professors of Latin American studies, Luis Barrios and Danny Shaw, about the long struggle of Puerto Rico to break the shackles of US and Spanish colonialism—from indigenous resistance to the Young Lords in Harlem. Learn how the US Empire obscures the island’s colonial status today, who really is responsible for the so-called “debt crisis,” and how it can all be solved.

PUERTO RICO - A TRUTH THAT MUST BE TOLD - Phillip Arroyo - Published on Mar 10, 2015
A mini-documentary about Puerto Rico's unfair and undemocratic political relationship with the United States.

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As Puerto Rico Nears Record Default, Island Complains to U.N. That U.S. Violating Sovereignty Rights

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U.S. Colonialism at Home and Abroad