Videos on Terrorism

Democracy Now! 12/18/2015 Navy SEALs’ Cover UP

Did the U.S. Cover Up Navy SEALs’ Beating Death of Afghan Detainee & Pattern of Extreme Abuse?

The above video is not allowed in the US. I am keeping it for people in countries that believe in the truth.

Democracy Now! 11/4/2015

Power Wars: How Obama Continued Bush's National Security State After Campaigning Against It

Democracy Now! 11/2/2015

The Endless War Grows: Obama Sends U.S. Forces to Syria, Reversing Pledge of No Boots on the Ground
Andrew Bacevich: Ongoing Wars in Iraq & Syria Continue Decades of Failed U.S. Militarism in Mideast
More Countries Than Ever Are Bombing Syria — Will They Find a Way to Make Peace?

Democracy Now! 11/2/2015

The Rise of America’s Secret Government- The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles

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